The office is a bit chilly and I thought, “Hey, it’s gorgeous outside AND warm.” So I went in a walk.

Spoke to my mom on the phone for awhile on my stroll. There were a lot of ducks and they were adorable. No fear, they were waddling right up to people on the benches. If I wasn’t too scare of being bitten, I’d have tried to get a good shot.

All in all, it was the best lunch break I’ve ever taken in my life, just about.


My office is doing a group training session for one of our offshore vendors. Kindest thing ever, but one of the offshore workers brought candy to share with everyone!

Treats from Manila! They’re coffee flavored, kind of powdery. It’s a crumbly texture entirely different from anything else I’ve ever tried.


About eight in the morning, I looked out my office window and noticed the sun rising directly behind the flag perched on top of the building across the street. Maybe the flag had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed, but in that moment it glowed.