In order to have a full weekend trip, my return flight had a very late arrival. I basically returned in the morning the landing was so late at night.

While I had an amazing trip and loved spending time with my mom, it felt good to look out that plane window and see Boston. I was so ready to be home!


Traffic, or rather, my lack of involvement in it, is my happy moment for the day.

I was looking out the window at work and commenting to someone about the insane traffic. Some is normal but the level this morning seemed intense. Fortunately, I don’t drive! I take the train. While there is indeed foot traffic when taking the train, it’s a lot less stressful than sitting in a car for 2+ hours.

Very glad for public transit.

Washington DC

This was an overwhelming trip. I felt more deeply about the monuments than I imagined I would. I was beyond grateful for the opportunity to visit them.

I also was very lucky on the day I visited. It was frigid but with clear skies. Almost no one else was out, so I was able to explore without feeing crowded.