Coupon for Sephora! Tried something new with a Saturday Skin eye cream. I don’t know how well it works, but it sure looks pretty on my shelves.

Half the fun is being able to look at it next to my Anthropologie cups. Everything matches perfectly!


Yaz! New Fenty foundation brush. Luv.

I lucked out and joined a Fenty class at Sephora last week. Tried all of the things! Really fell in love with this brush. Well, and a half dozen other things, but like makes you picks and choose.

Is there anything softer and more special than a new brush? I almost couldn’t bear to use it. But I did.


There is something stunning about an untouched eye shadow pallet. And I’m not even weird for thinking so. A lot of people find intense pleasure in this. Part of it is probably the possibilities: I’m gunna wear these colors and look good doing so! Part of it may be the symmetry of it, the freshness. It’s easy to dislike snow, but when it’s just fallen, smooth and shimmery, it’s always beautiful. Like a new color pallet.

I picked this up because it’s different from my usual lineup of browns and nudes. I want something that’s saying “Spring!” with the option to also say “sultry.”