She is so pretty. Also an ass, chewing on the window blind cord. Now that a few days here and there are cooling, she’s even more cuddly.


She is the clingiest thing! It’s nice to be loved, in moderation. I can’t go anywhere in the house without her following me and begging for attention.

For awhile, she even sat on the chair next to me, her little paw reaching out and hooked into my pants.


Shopping with a friend and we come across a cheap cat sweater. The conversation was thus:

Me: “You should get this.”

Her: “I already have three cat sweaters. You should get it.”

Me: “Amazing idea. Don’t mind if I do.”

So now I’ve got a cat sweater for the cold summer months I’m the office and even better, I look amazing in it!


This cat, I swear….

She was desperately needed today, likely because I’ve been running downtown every day for the past week. It’s hard to explain to her that cutlets made by a god among men and shopping are more important than hanging out with her.

She’s taken to parking herself on top of my shoes in an act of defiance. Or as a not-so-subtle hint that I shouldn’t leave my shoes laying around.


Very nice, quiet day at home. I know my cat appreciated spending quality time with me, aside from the moments I touched her toes, kissed her head, or tripped over her.

Relaxing is nice.


“Mom, why are you taking so my photos of me?”

Oh man, I took a lot. She was so cute! Either she was desperately trying to kiss my fingers or she was staring me down. Her little mustache gives her such an edge.


She is such a psycho!

I locked her in the other room this morning and she cried for a bit before going quiet. I looked over maybe an hour later and saw her eyes glaring at me from under the door across the room.

Just now, I locked myself in my room and at home point looked down and realized she was once again watching me through the gap at the bottom of the door. Laying down on the floor, I started taking pictures of her spying on me.

A split second after I took this picture, her paw darted out and smacked me!


Relaxing on the couch, a stack of books next to me and nowhere to be. Pepper sits on the back of the couch and keeps me company.

There’s a lot of sunshine. It feels like forever since I was surrounded by sunshine when I’m normally heading to work in the dark and traveling home in the dark.