Cookie Brownies. Yes, I made this monstrosity. And I ate a lot of it.

But I gave a ton coworkers so that I didn’t get myself all fat because of them.


Very fun, albeit unexpected, evening with friends. We went to dinner and chilled at my place after. Nice to talk to someone aside from my cat.


I’m still bouncing around, trying to find the forever food. The food that I can make frequently and really want to eat. I’m not sure this is it, but is sure is easy to make! And pretty.

I’m all for fun, quick things. It’s a great sense of fun and accomplishment.


For my birthday party, I spent about eight hours baking. I am no baker. But I am so proud of everything I made! It all came out perfectly.

I got the most compliments on the tarts. At my birthday party, I wasn’t just the birthday girl; I was the baker of the tarts. This was a first try at tarts for me and oh, did they taste good.