This sunshine makes all the difference. I feel amazing.

Nice long walk (it’s Pokémon Community Day). It’s so cold my fingers are turning purple, but I feel so good!


It almost feels like Spring all over again. I’m suddenly seeing flowers everywhere! It’s probably all the rain we’re getting.


I am obsessed with my neighbors’ roses. There’s yellows and red in pots in their front lawn. They’re still in the process of landscaping. Every morning this week I’ve walked by the roses on my way to work and every morning I’ve stopped to smell them.

Roses have never been a huge obsession of mine, but I think I’m understanding why so many people love them.


It was such a blah day. I was cold and wet and just all around unenthused. Trudging home, umbrella out and face in my phone, I glanced over and saw these flowers.

I almost gasped. There’s no clear reason why I was so taken with them. I’m unsure why they made such a difference. It was as if they were escaping the rock wall. The day was a struggle, but at least these flowers appreciated the rain.


What convinced me to move into my current home was the sent of lilacs. The five minute walk from the train to the house I live now ran alongside lilac trees. They were in full bloom and the scent is inescapable.

My very early childhood involved a lot of time at my grandparent’s. Massive lilac trees served as a yard divider, and there was often a vase full on the kitchen table every season.

Lilacs mean history to me. I am drawn to the scent.


Scents are tricky. Most perfume and scented candles give me headaches. Combined with city living, which involves every terrible smell ever, I rarely come across things that smell good to me.

But man, Springtime, that’s fun. It’s not only walking in parks and enjoying the smell of fresh air, it’s also the blinking trees right at the edges of my driveway.

I walked out the door this morning and all I could smell was these stunning flowers. It’s like smelling happiness, if such a thing were possible.

Johnny Jump Up

I love pansies. One of my favorite flowers. I’m not sure if it’s a midwestern thing or just my family, but we called them Johnny Jump Ups. They were everywhere at my grandma’s house, which is where I spent a large chunk of my childhood.

Purple was my favorite color when I was little. My mother’s too. I’m not sure why I have so little in my life right now that’s purple, but these flowers always, always catch my attention.


I completed my first paint by number! It’s a creative outlet I’m really loving. I’ve always loved to paint; I’m just not very good at it. Here is a way for me to create something lovely.

It took me about three weeks. My mom is also hooked, so it feels like we’re painting together.