I can’t believe I wore a jumpsuit to work. I decided to do one of those, “Act super confident and everyone will perceive you as super confident.”

I think it worked.


What an amazing kickstart to my Memorial Day weekend. I worked from home in the morning and then decided to enjoy the good weather by heading downtown for shopping.

I ran into the most insane sales. 40% off total, plus 25% for using my store card, plus another 25% for previously donating to charity. It was $400 dollars worth of clothes, but the mark down was $7 to 25 each.

Walking out of the dressing room, I had a monster pile on one arm and just two items on the other. The attendant looked so confused when I handed her the side with only two items!

I’m exited to look fun and hip this summer.


Last year, I visited Paris. NBD. I didn’t buy much, honestly. The photos I took were what I was most pleased to return with.

I did buy a couple scarves though. I gave most of them out as gifts but kept two silk scarves. This is one of them.

It spiced up my outfit today and I feel pretty good about it. Every time I look at it, I’m remembering what an adventure I got to go on.


Bye bye, chub rub!

It hit 85 degrees today and like hell was I going to put up with chafing. As soon as the temps started rising, I bought myself a pair of lace chub rub protectors.

They are two bands of lace I wrap around my thighs. Silicone anti slip lines keep them in place and keep my thighs from touching while wearing dresses. I consider today’s outfit a success.


I’ve been making a huge push to be careful with spending. That feeling, after I buy something, that guilt–I want to avoid that. Frequently, I splurge and don’t love what I splurged on as much the next day.

This is an Anthropologie dress. I picked it up for $20 yesterday. Wearing it, I feel classy. It’s an elevated look. I keep thinking, I’m going to get this new job I’ve interviewed for, and I’ll wear this my first day. I feel hopeful and sophisticated.


The Mall of America made my day! A friend and I prowled every teeny bopper store we’d never been in before in search of the shiniest, most standout birthday outfit we could find.

Wow, was I impressed. Glitter and sequins are IN. I’m loving the intense patterns and colors. The parade of fanciful outfits left me covered in sparkles even when I was back in my normal clothes.

The theme of the experience was clearly this mermaid texture, which I saw reflected in most of the stores in multiple silhouettes.