Coworkers and I went bowling, had dinner, and played some arcade games.

Right at the end, I ended up emptying a bunch of credits into a claw machine. I ran out of credits just as I was about to get the bear. When I went to get more, the attendant opened the machine and just gave me the bear.

It sits on my desk now!


My workplace participated in a charity to provide a backpack full of school supplies to kids in need. My department put together a backpack, which means we got to enter a team into a Family Feud-style game.

It looked like the entire office was in the conference room! We battled it out. My team was named Right First Time. While we may have ended up dead last, I think it’s insane that “Children” wasn’t a legitimate answer to “Annoying sounds made by neighbors,” and what possible other answers were there to the question, “Things that people fake” aside from “Orgasm”?


I went to a walk during my lunch in a massive park across the street from my office.

It’s weird to realize something you’ve driven past for years isn’t quite what you’d expected. I’ve known the park was there, having lived in the area almost ten years. But it was nothing like I’d imagined.

The other trailed along the Mystic River, a picnic area, and a birdwatching tower. I climbed it clearly, and had an amazing view.


The office is a bit chilly and I thought, “Hey, it’s gorgeous outside AND warm.” So I went in a walk.

Spoke to my mom on the phone for awhile on my stroll. There were a lot of ducks and they were adorable. No fear, they were waddling right up to people on the benches. If I wasn’t too scare of being bitten, I’d have tried to get a good shot.

All in all, it was the best lunch break I’ve ever taken in my life, just about.


Tonight I attended a work event about copyright. It was pretty interesting, though it felt like it flew by.

I braved a severe thunderstorm to get there, and when I left, there was a weird orange glow over the Common. Also, very nice that the park was so empty. I almost never get to see it like that.


I was sitting at my desk and feeling overwhelmingly good about where I work. It’s so much calmer than where I was before. There’s no longer intense pressure weighing on me. Everyone is normal and calm. Also the job is pretty basic.

I’ve lost ten pounds since I started two months ago. I’m only spending eight hours a day at the office and when I leave, instead of being swallowed up by cranky people on clogged trains, I step outside and look at the waterfront.

It’s not always going to be perfect or even the right fit, but it was the right choice for this time in my life.


I’ve been making a huge push to be careful with spending. That feeling, after I buy something, that guilt–I want to avoid that. Frequently, I splurge and don’t love what I splurged on as much the next day.

This is an Anthropologie dress. I picked it up for $20 yesterday. Wearing it, I feel classy. It’s an elevated look. I keep thinking, I’m going to get this new job I’ve interviewed for, and I’ll wear this my first day. I feel hopeful and sophisticated.


About eight in the morning, I looked out my office window and noticed the sun rising directly behind the flag perched on top of the building across the street. Maybe the flag had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed, but in that moment it glowed. 


It’s the day after a giant snow storm and not only are skies clear, but I get a new office view to look at that sky!

I’ll have to be very careful not to waste time staring out the windows. 

Happy Friday!


A worker showed me a new scar of hers last week. Soooo soft. A gift from her mother. 

I joked today that I was avoiding her because she was wearing it and it was difficult to stop myself from letting it. She responded by giving the scarf to me. 

Stunned but elated. Just wow.