What convinced me to move into my current home was the sent of lilacs. The five minute walk from the train to the house I live now ran alongside lilac trees. They were in full bloom and the scent is inescapable.

My very early childhood involved a lot of time at my grandparent’s. Massive lilac trees served as a yard divider, and there was often a vase full on the kitchen table every season.

Lilacs mean history to me. I am drawn to the scent.


Tonight I attended a work event about copyright. It was pretty interesting, though it felt like it flew by.

I braved a severe thunderstorm to get there, and when I left, there was a weird orange glow over the Common. Also, very nice that the park was so empty. I almost never get to see it like that.


I was sitting at my desk and feeling overwhelmingly good about where I work. It’s so much calmer than where I was before. There’s no longer intense pressure weighing on me. Everyone is normal and calm. Also the job is pretty basic.

I’ve lost ten pounds since I started two months ago. I’m only spending eight hours a day at the office and when I leave, instead of being swallowed up by cranky people on clogged trains, I step outside and look at the waterfront.

It’s not always going to be perfect or even the right fit, but it was the right choice for this time in my life.


Scents are tricky. Most perfume and scented candles give me headaches. Combined with city living, which involves every terrible smell ever, I rarely come across things that smell good to me.

But man, Springtime, that’s fun. It’s not only walking in parks and enjoying the smell of fresh air, it’s also the blinking trees right at the edges of my driveway.

I walked out the door this morning and all I could smell was these stunning flowers. It’s like smelling happiness, if such a thing were possible.


I left the house around 8:30 in the morning and went on a long walk. I think I walked about 3 miles. Half of it was along the river.

The park was new to me. While I’d driven on the main road for years, I’d never taken the path tucked behind the buildings. It was amazing to explore the paths and have the area completely to myself. It was too early even for dog walkers!

Now, I’ve certainly been prettier places. But I felt so good being out and active, I didn’t mind some of the flaws. There’s something special about finding such a public space and being able to enjoy it alone.

Johnny Jump Up

I love pansies. One of my favorite flowers. I’m not sure if it’s a midwestern thing or just my family, but we called them Johnny Jump Ups. They were everywhere at my grandma’s house, which is where I spent a large chunk of my childhood.

Purple was my favorite color when I was little. My mother’s too. I’m not sure why I have so little in my life right now that’s purple, but these flowers always, always catch my attention.


I walked out of work fully intending to just … go home. Sit on the couch. Read. Maybe paint.

Ten steps out the office’s front door and the weather hit me. We’re just easing into warmer weather and sunshine days. I wasn’t ready for couch potato time.

I used groceries as an excuse to walk across the bridge to the store. The path took me next to the river. The lack of people was nice. All the goose shit less nice. It was still an enjoyable walk. And the geese were kinda cute, cuddled up, feathers ruffling in the wind.


I had a blast chilling the the Boston Common and the Public Gardens. First Pokémon Go community day I’ve been able to attend and I was blown away by how many people showed up.

It was cold and busy and fun, and I went home feeling really good about the day.

Also, I caught all the shinies and evolved a special Venusaur!


There hasn’t been a ton of snow this winter–which I hardly mind. But last night’s snow storm left the region with a heavy, wet layer. I was surprised mind-morning to look out the window and realize it was still sticking to the trees. It is so different from the bare branches I’ve become familiar with all winter.

Washington DC

This was an overwhelming trip. I felt more deeply about the monuments than I imagined I would. I was beyond grateful for the opportunity to visit them.

I also was very lucky on the day I visited. It was frigid but with clear skies. Almost no one else was out, so I was able to explore without feeing crowded.


I was putzing around Fanuiel Hall spending money I probably shouldn’t. This tree went up some time back but I’d only seen it partially strung with lights.

The full effect was spectacular. All that effort makes me feel happier, like joy is literally something that can be tasted in the air. It’s a tangible excitement, a sense of wonder thus missing the rest of the year when I’m not surrounded by sparkle and lights.


Chilling in Davis Square on my way to some barbecue. It was a nice, quiet moment. The dark closed in on me and I was in an unfamiliar area, but it felt fun and exciting. There was a lot of nightlife and movement just out of the shot.


Enjoying the wonderful weather with a walk. Came across a neighbor with this interesting fellow guarding the yard. Felt very fun and different. Make the whole neighborhood feel more exciting and fancy.


About eight in the morning, I looked out my office window and noticed the sun rising directly behind the flag perched on top of the building across the street. Maybe the flag had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed, but in that moment it glowed. 


With the ice storm over night, everything is very pretty. I’m not sure why 6 am looks so blue, but it sure was interesting. 

By noon, even with a completely overcast sky, the light outside was so bright I could hardly keep my eyes open. 


Yaaaaaaaas! I was all geared up to do some major shoveling. We’re getting low on oil and the tank is accessed all the way around on the side of the house. If I called to fill it with oil so the house stays heated, the devliery driver better be able to access the tank. 

Winter loaded us with 14 inches of snow 2 days ago, and another 3 inches this morning, so there was a lot to get to. But I turned the corner and found it already shoveled out! Thank you landlord. Surprising thoughtful of you. And it makes the 15 inches of snow dropping tonight less annoying.