Ran into these fun loving guys on my way home. They were having fun and being chill. We talked about mental health and Etsy.


Coupon for Sephora! Tried something new with a Saturday Skin eye cream. I don’t know how well it works, but it sure looks pretty on my shelves.

Half the fun is being able to look at it next to my Anthropologie cups. Everything matches perfectly!


Shopping with a friend and we come across a cheap cat sweater. The conversation was thus:

Me: “You should get this.”

Her: “I already have three cat sweaters. You should get it.”

Me: “Amazing idea. Don’t mind if I do.”

So now I’ve got a cat sweater for the cold summer months I’m the office and even better, I look amazing in it!


This cat, I swear….

She was desperately needed today, likely because I’ve been running downtown every day for the past week. It’s hard to explain to her that cutlets made by a god among men and shopping are more important than hanging out with her.

She’s taken to parking herself on top of my shoes in an act of defiance. Or as a not-so-subtle hint that I shouldn’t leave my shoes laying around.


Yaz! New Fenty foundation brush. Luv.

I lucked out and joined a Fenty class at Sephora last week. Tried all of the things! Really fell in love with this brush. Well, and a half dozen other things, but like makes you picks and choose.

Is there anything softer and more special than a new brush? I almost couldn’t bear to use it. But I did.


I’m not saying these are the best cookies ever, because they’re not. But damn are they pretty!

Pink is the best fricking color.

It was a nice afternoon. I marathoned the Alien movies while baking. Maybe I will get into this whole baking idea.


Happy Pride!

I had a nice day. Stopped off at Sephora and got an amazing eye shadow makeover. All rainbows and glitter.

Copley was insane. Everywhere I looked, it was LGBT positive shirts, rainbow flags, and smiles. I watched some of the parade and it was constant cheering.

Kate Spade

I bought this purse last summer and it’s brought me nothing but joy.

The glee I felt for months just glancing at it…. I kept it within sight when I sat at my desk in the office because I could hardly tear my eyes away.


This is some great lipstick and I always forget I have it. Fantastic color on me and the case makes me feel like a badass.

I spent ages last year picking out the perfect shade for a wedding and this is about as close as I’ll ever get.


Very nice, quiet day at home. I know my cat appreciated spending quality time with me, aside from the moments I touched her toes, kissed her head, or tripped over her.

Relaxing is nice.


What an amazing kickstart to my Memorial Day weekend. I worked from home in the morning and then decided to enjoy the good weather by heading downtown for shopping.

I ran into the most insane sales. 40% off total, plus 25% for using my store card, plus another 25% for previously donating to charity. It was $400 dollars worth of clothes, but the mark down was $7 to 25 each.

Walking out of the dressing room, I had a monster pile on one arm and just two items on the other. The attendant looked so confused when I handed her the side with only two items!

I’m exited to look fun and hip this summer.


Had a great evening of drinks and chatter. After barracuda, where we received and wore an insane amount of wings (25 cents each), one person insisted on checking if Trillium was open.

It was! He thinks it was a secret opening because it wasn’t suppose to open until tomorrow, but who knows.

Still, the weather was lovely and everyone was happy.


Aww, yus. Veggie samosas at lunch. They came in the cutest little Asian take-out box. It was the most petite carton I’d ever seen of it’s kind.

They were spicy, but in the way that I loved.


In order to have a full weekend trip, my return flight had a very late arrival. I basically returned in the morning the landing was so late at night.

While I had an amazing trip and loved spending time with my mom, it felt good to look out that plane window and see Boston. I was so ready to be home!


I have health insurance! And because it’s hard to visually save that phone call, I’m choosing to represent it by mashing together a couple of generically pretty photos.

Oh man, what a relief. I’ve been so worried. Hearing at I’m all set…. I had the biggest grin on my face for hours. The coworker who sits next to me was a bit grumpy this morning but she admitted my good mood brightened her up.

Happiness is infectious!


Last year, I visited Paris. NBD. I didn’t buy much, honestly. The photos I took were what I was most pleased to return with.

I did buy a couple scarves though. I gave most of them out as gifts but kept two silk scarves. This is one of them.

It spiced up my outfit today and I feel pretty good about it. Every time I look at it, I’m remembering what an adventure I got to go on.


I have been going nuts trying to get all my CDs on my iPhone.

My laptop has dozens of CDs on it, hundreds of songs. And for some reason the stupid playlists wouldn’t sync.

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it worked after googling and struggling for 20 minutes. Now, I’m popping. All those 90s, yeah, that’s where it’s at. Even got all my Nickleback tracks.