I went to see Cirque Du Soleil! The show was beautiful. The opening scene was my favorite.

The lead was wearing a butterfly dress and running! It was like her wings were moving.


Coworkers and I went bowling, had dinner, and played some arcade games.

Right at the end, I ended up emptying a bunch of credits into a claw machine. I ran out of credits just as I was about to get the bear. When I went to get more, the attendant opened the machine and just gave me the bear.

It sits on my desk now!


My workplace participated in a charity to provide a backpack full of school supplies to kids in need. My department put together a backpack, which means we got to enter a team into a Family Feud-style game.

It looked like the entire office was in the conference room! We battled it out. My team was named Right First Time. While we may have ended up dead last, I think it’s insane that “Children” wasn’t a legitimate answer to “Annoying sounds made by neighbors,” and what possible other answers were there to the question, “Things that people fake” aside from “Orgasm”?