Coworkers and I went bowling, had dinner, and played some arcade games.

Right at the end, I ended up emptying a bunch of credits into a claw machine. I ran out of credits just as I was about to get the bear. When I went to get more, the attendant opened the machine and just gave me the bear.

It sits on my desk now!


Free tickets to the aquarium through work. I dragged some friends and we did all of the things!

Aside from an IMAX show about pandas, I pet sting rays and a shark, creeped on divers in the big tank, saw some seals, and admired the sea dragons.


Shopping with a friend and we come across a cheap cat sweater. The conversation was thus:

Me: “You should get this.”

Her: “I already have three cat sweaters. You should get it.”

Me: “Amazing idea. Don’t mind if I do.”

So now I’ve got a cat sweater for the cold summer months I’m the office and even better, I look amazing in it!


Shockingly, today went well. Barbecue at a friend’s and despite rain in the forecast, the weather was gorgeous. We chilled on her patio next to a big garden and the amount of food was both crazy and very satisfying.

Chicken, steak, potato salad, avocado salsa, corn, sweet tea, cookies, brownies, and cake. It was great to hang out in the sunshine and eat food I didn’t have to cook.


I went to the Big Apple Circus with friends! We ate $20 in dipping dots and they were worth it.

The circus was so much fun. It was smaller than I’m used to, but in a nice, intimate way. The nets were directly over our heads. There were ponies and roller skates, feats of balance, and lighthearted comedy.


My favorite friend couple in Detroit flew in for a visit! We had brunch at Tatte Bakery before wandering around Harvard Square.

This store was a tiny shop filled mostly with things from local artists and hipster junk.

I found these tiny hands and put them in my fingers for the silliest looking wave of all time. One friend found the feet and did a little dance. Absolutely ridiculous!


Had so much fun catching up with a friend. He told me all about his nerdy proposal to his now fiancée using Lord of the Rings terminology. 

I’ve got a nice drunk going. Water is life. 

And check out this hilarious interaction I had with the dude’s fiancée on my way home!

Cookie Mix

A friend invited me to dinner on Christmas Eve–Nochebuena. Everyone was nice and I think everyone liked me.

When I went to leave, my friend gave me a gift. We hadn’t talked about gifts. It hadn’t occurred to me to get her anything. She gave me a bag filled with pretty tissue paper. In the tissue paper was a mason jar of cookie mix she put together herself. There was brown sugar, flour, and chocolate chips inside. It felt more thoughtful than most of the gifts I’ve gotten in my life.

There was also a card. I’m always surprised at how amazingly kind my friends are.