For my birthday party, I spent about eight hours baking. I am no baker. But I am so proud of everything I made! It all came out perfectly.

I got the most compliments on the tarts. At my birthday party, I wasn’t just the birthday girl; I was the baker of the tarts. This was a first try at tarts for me and oh, did they taste good.


This made me feel quite fancy. My mom presented it to me on a little platter. I think it’s a White Russian.


Look at this sandwich! I made this sandwich. 

Fancy bread, living lettuce, buffalo chicken, pepperjack cheese, red onion, and sandwich spread. 

I dunno, not as cost effictive bringing my own lunch to work as I’d hoped. Plus, it only tasted ok… But still, I ate out every day for how many months? And you know what, most of that only tasted ok, too, and I spent way more!

Grilled cheese

Cooking’s not my thing, but tonight I made myself grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was pepper jack cheese and stale bread that I got for $1 and that has been sitting around for ages. Tasted great though.

Let’s be real: Any time I come home from work and eat more than potato chips or sunflower seeds is a successful evening.


I made cookies today.

Baking is hard and I’m kind of useless at it, but my roommate helped me. I had trouble with the mixing process, but then I usually do. After I added the butter and an egg, nothing was sticking together. My roommate recommended adding more butter, which I did. That worked.

They came out of the oven after 12 minutes. I tested with a toothpick but they were not raw or burned.

My cookies are oatmeal raisin and they taste wonderful.

Cookie Mix

A friend invited me to dinner on Christmas Eve–Nochebuena. Everyone was nice and I think everyone liked me.

When I went to leave, my friend gave me a gift. We hadn’t talked about gifts. It hadn’t occurred to me to get her anything. She gave me a bag filled with pretty tissue paper. In the tissue paper was a mason jar of cookie mix she put together herself. There was brown sugar, flour, and chocolate chips inside. It felt more thoughtful than most of the gifts I’ve gotten in my life.

There was also a card. I’m always surprised at how amazingly kind my friends are.