Discovered the best snack. It’s not even “Oh it’s low cal” or “Sooo healthy” (though that’s part of it, sure). It’s tastes good.

And guilt free! A raspberry and blackberry mix is filling when I hit that late evening snack craving.

State Fair

For the first time in nine years, I was able to go to the Minnesota State Fair. Today was opening day. We headed toward a Park and Ride at the Mall of America transit station.

The Fair was packed, to no ones surprise. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain by today was 80, sunny, and breezy.

I had Australian potatoes and we bought popcorn and roasted chestnuts. We also took a sky ride! Some amazing views.

Ice Cream

Hung out with a friend and we did all the fun things!

We hopped store to store and tried in the most ridiculous things we found. She pulled one floor length coat off the rack, a purple patterned coat with foot long fringe, and started joking about who would wear it. I was obsessed and told her I’d wear it in a heartbeat. Of course I have amazing taste. It was $900 on monster sale and was an Armani piece.

We had pizza for dinner. It was apparently “Girlfriend’s Day” so there was a deal.

Then we went and got ice cream. My cone was the prettiest of all the cones!


Shockingly, today went well. Barbecue at a friend’s and despite rain in the forecast, the weather was gorgeous. We chilled on her patio next to a big garden and the amount of food was both crazy and very satisfying.

Chicken, steak, potato salad, avocado salsa, corn, sweet tea, cookies, brownies, and cake. It was great to hang out in the sunshine and eat food I didn’t have to cook.


I’m not saying these are the best cookies ever, because they’re not. But damn are they pretty!

Pink is the best fricking color.

It was a nice afternoon. I marathoned the Alien movies while baking. Maybe I will get into this whole baking idea.


There’s more candy! Yaaaaaaay. I am obsessed with it. Times a million better than the coffee flavored stuff.

I had far more than my fair share. Whoever lugged these all the way from the Philippines is my hero.


Had a great evening of drinks and chatter. After barracuda, where we received and wore an insane amount of wings (25 cents each), one person insisted on checking if Trillium was open.

It was! He thinks it was a secret opening because it wasn’t suppose to open until tomorrow, but who knows.

Still, the weather was lovely and everyone was happy.


My office is doing a group training session for one of our offshore vendors. Kindest thing ever, but one of the offshore workers brought candy to share with everyone!

Treats from Manila! They’re coffee flavored, kind of powdery. It’s a crumbly texture entirely different from anything else I’ve ever tried.


Oh man. I stopped by the grocery store with no intention of getting strawberries. But wow, what a deal. I lugged home two pounds of strawberries for a third of the normal cost.

They are so good. And hey, they pair perfectly with all the cheese I brought back from Wisconsin! That’s lucky considering how many I’ve been eating every day so that they don’t go to waste.


All the cheese. This place is busy because everyone is all about that cheese. The variety snack packs are my favorite.

Also splurged on some ice cream. Mom and I sat on a picnic bench out front and had our sundaes. It was in the 70s, sunny, and an all around an amazing time.


I’m still bouncing around, trying to find the forever food. The food that I can make frequently and really want to eat. I’m not sure this is it, but is sure is easy to make! And pretty.

I’m all for fun, quick things. It’s a great sense of fun and accomplishment.


Went to the grocery store and was shocked when I realized what I’d left with: chicken, steak, peppers, onions, spices. That was it! I feel like the kind of adult I’d always wanted to be.

I went home and made a stir fry. Mixing everything on the stove, I was so taken with the colors of the veggies in the pan. My dinner was going to be pretty!