Visited the Anderson Center and Tower View. There was some really neat art and some art I liked not at all. I’ve never been an abstract fan.

The day was so beautiful. Stunning sun and green grass as far as I could see. My mom and I walked in circles and looked at every installation.


The store had this Issac Mizrahi yarn and I was obsessed. No idea what I was going to do with it, but I couldn’t leave the store without it.

Look at this purple! And the gold… I wish I could knit or crochet, but because I can’t, I found something else to do with this gorgeous yarn.

I ended up with a wall hanging. It’s basic, but I can look at the yarn all I want and it even looks like I tried.


I started a paint by number a few days ago. It’s only my second one this year but I’m cruising. A lot’s been done in very little time.

It’s hard to describe how painting makes me feel. I zone out. It’s a creative outlet that directs me. The outlined nature of a paint by number guarantees I won’t fail, that I’ll like the outcome. There’s no chance this is wasted energy.

It’s a low risk hobby. It’s fun curl up on the couch, drape myself over a canvas, and focus.


The last two months have been labored over this. The feeing of accomplishment when I did the last section was freeing. This was my first go at paint by diamond and it turned out perfectly.

It’s amazing to not only have a creative outlet, but have it turn out well.


I completed my first paint by number! It’s a creative outlet I’m really loving. I’ve always loved to paint; I’m just not very good at it. Here is a way for me to create something lovely.

It took me about three weeks. My mom is also hooked, so it feels like we’re painting together.


The Mall of America made my day! A friend and I prowled every teeny bopper store we’d never been in before in search of the shiniest, most standout birthday outfit we could find.

Wow, was I impressed. Glitter and sequins are IN. I’m loving the intense patterns and colors. The parade of fanciful outfits left me covered in sparkles even when I was back in my normal clothes.

The theme of the experience was clearly this mermaid texture, which I saw reflected in most of the stores in multiple silhouettes.