Had so much fun catching up with a friend. He told me all about his nerdy proposal to his now fiancée using Lord of the Rings terminology. 

I’ve got a nice drunk going. Water is life. 

And check out this hilarious interaction I had with the dude’s fiancée on my way home!



A worker showed me a new scar of hers last week. Soooo soft. A gift from her mother. 

I joked today that I was avoiding her because she was wearing it and it was difficult to stop myself from letting it. She responded by giving the scarf to me. 

Stunned but elated. Just wow. 


One of the reasons I wanted to put together this blog was because I have a terrible habit of dwelling on the sad things, the scary things, or the upsetting things. This is mostly a visual compilation of moments to remind myself of those happy events, however brief they may be.

I could go on and on about the large women’s rights marches happening today, but honestly they don’t make me happy. It makes me sad that they have to happen in the first place.

Today, I went through half a dozen comic book catalogs and found my favorite covers. Then I put them together to make a large poster that I’m going to hang on my wall. I’m really happy with it. And because I can still find some political things uplifting, I’m happy to also include a couple pictures of uplifting comics from the catalogs.


I thought about posting this amazing mac&cheese I made earlier, but I ate it before I thought to take a picture. I also considered posting about how thoroughly I cleaned behind the toilet, but I didn’t feel like getting on my knees again. 

Instead, here is my fur baby, once again. I like spending time with her. When I ate my mac&cheese lunch at the kitchen table, she didn’t know what to do with herself. She repeatedly came to my chair, stood on her back legs, and then gently patted at my arm with one of her front paws. 

She’s sleeping on the pillow next to me. Her butt is pointed at where I put my face. 


Look at this sandwich! I made this sandwich. 

Fancy bread, living lettuce, buffalo chicken, pepperjack cheese, red onion, and sandwich spread. 

I dunno, not as cost effictive bringing my own lunch to work as I’d hoped. Plus, it only tasted ok… But still, I ate out every day for how many months? And you know what, most of that only tasted ok, too, and I spent way more!

Grilled cheese

Cooking’s not my thing, but tonight I made myself grilled cheese and tomato soup. It was pepper jack cheese and stale bread that I got for $1 and that has been sitting around for ages. Tasted great though.

Let’s be real: Any time I come home from work and eat more than potato chips or sunflower seeds is a successful evening.


I got really tired around 12:30 today. Just hit me hard. I was exhausted and cranky and wanted to leave work.

It took at few more hours, but I was outta there by three. That’s technically eight hours. Did I have things I could be doing? Hell yes. Did I have the energy? Hell no.

Yesterday I got home some time after five and it was just after six by the time I was done with dinner. By eight at night I was passed out. Tonight I watched a movie, hung with my roommate Shannon, did my nails, read, showered…

Clearly this mini-break was needed. It was certainly appreciated.

MLK Jr. 

I’m not an overly political person, or at least I didn’t used to be. When I was a kid, I always got Martin Luther King Jr. day off. I don’t anymore.

It doesn’t mean as much to me as I understand it should, but this quote popped up in my FB feed today. Really resonated with me. Also, pretty sure it’s real, as opposed to the majority of quotes with random names that float over the internet.


I was browsing Anthropologie’s website because I like to punish myself with their 40% sale items sale. These chandeliers popped up and I was instantly attached. I don’t need $500 chandeliers, even if that is much better than the 2kish they were originally, but damn are they pretty.

Getting something like this shipped is probably a nightmare. Can you image how tangled they’d be coming out of a box? But they’re so lovely and just looking at them creates a fantasy home in my mind. Fancy wallpaper, red plush chairs, a blue velvet couch, some kind of heavy, intense metal coffee table….

Home alone

My roommate left on a weekend-long skiing trip.

I’m pleased because of our heating situation.

The thermostat is in her bedroom. When she’s home, she shuts her bedroom door. If there’s a space heater running in her room, the thermostat never kicks the heat on and the rest of the apartment is so cold I can’t feel my toes. If she doesn’t have the space heater running, the temp in her room plummets and the thermostat overheats the rest of the house.

But she’s out this weekend, her bedroom door is open, and the house is a perfect 64 degrees.


There are still holiday lights in the trees.

I was walking through the Common late in the evening and noticed how pretty everything looked in the dark. The Massachusetts State House was lit, the Frog Pond glowed, and trees all down Beacon had a different color light wrapped around them like a rainbow row.

Work kept me late, but I was walking toward a late night massage. Not only did I happily anticipate my destination, but the path there was a clear one.


I made cookies today.

Baking is hard and I’m kind of useless at it, but my roommate helped me. I had trouble with the mixing process, but then I usually do. After I added the butter and an egg, nothing was sticking together. My roommate recommended adding more butter, which I did. That worked.

They came out of the oven after 12 minutes. I tested with a toothpick but they were not raw or burned.

My cookies are oatmeal raisin and they taste wonderful.


I rearranged the furniture in the living room. I don’t know if it looks better, but it was a lot of fun to move everything around.

One of my bookcases had to be moved. This is the bookcase that holds all of my favorite authors. It had gotten overfull, but when I began to put all of my books back on the shelves, I also reorganized how I stacked them. I ended up with an entire shelf free for more books.

With the holiday lights behind the couch, my living room reminds me of a soft, just-out-of-reach fairy tale. 

Cookie Mix

A friend invited me to dinner on Christmas Eve–Nochebuena. Everyone was nice and I think everyone liked me.

When I went to leave, my friend gave me a gift. We hadn’t talked about gifts. It hadn’t occurred to me to get her anything. She gave me a bag filled with pretty tissue paper. In the tissue paper was a mason jar of cookie mix she put together herself. There was brown sugar, flour, and chocolate chips inside. It felt more thoughtful than most of the gifts I’ve gotten in my life.

There was also a card. I’m always surprised at how amazingly kind my friends are.

Boston Common

My mother is in town. This is the most fun I’ve had with her in years. 

We walked through the Public Garden and took pictures in front of the flowers. We sat near a statue in the Common. She bought a t-shirt from a vendor for my sister. It was cheap, but still pretty. 

The weather is perfect and I wish every day could be like this one.