I have a habit of looking up. Inside and outside, I’m always with my head tilted back.

On my way to work, I walked under this tree and it felt like the sky lit up around me. It was glowing. It was a moment where the air was crisp, the sun was beating, and my world was on fire.


Ran into these fun loving guys on my way home. They were having fun and being chill. We talked about mental health and Etsy.


I’ve been visiting the Assembly area a lot. It’s near my work, the river, the train, and there’s shopping. What more could I possibly want?

Now that it’s getting darker earlier, I’m able to enjoy the lights they have strung up. There lit year-round, but I always seem to miss them when visiting Assembly.

Blue Sky

I don’t remember why, but I looked up and saw this perfectly transitioning tree with the blue sky backing it and feel in love with the image.

These shockingly clear blue skies, cloudless, are a favorite of mine.


Discovered the best snack. It’s not even “Oh it’s low cal” or “Sooo healthy” (though that’s part of it, sure). It’s tastes good.

And guilt free! A raspberry and blackberry mix is filling when I hit that late evening snack craving.


I am obsessed with my neighbors’ roses. There’s yellows and red in pots in their front lawn. They’re still in the process of landscaping. Every morning this week I’ve walked by the roses on my way to work and every morning I’ve stopped to smell them.

Roses have never been a huge obsession of mine, but I think I’m understanding why so many people love them.


The leaves are falling! And we’re getting a decent amount of rain, which I hear helps with the colors.

The house on the corner doesn’t rake, fine by me. So every day to and from work I look at the amazing colors on their lawn. I doubled back for this picture because I thought the rain drops looked so neat.