Coupon for Sephora! Tried something new with a Saturday Skin eye cream. I don’t know how well it works, but it sure looks pretty on my shelves.

Half the fun is being able to look at it next to my Anthropologie cups. Everything matches perfectly!

State Fair

For the first time in nine years, I was able to go to the Minnesota State Fair. Today was opening day. We headed toward a Park and Ride at the Mall of America transit station.

The Fair was packed, to no ones surprise. Tomorrow it’s supposed to rain by today was 80, sunny, and breezy.

I had Australian potatoes and we bought popcorn and roasted chestnuts. We also took a sky ride! Some amazing views.


Visited the Anderson Center and Tower View. There was some really neat art and some art I liked not at all. I’ve never been an abstract fan.

The day was so beautiful. Stunning sun and green grass as far as I could see. My mom and I walked in circles and looked at every installation.


Coworkers and I went bowling, had dinner, and played some arcade games.

Right at the end, I ended up emptying a bunch of credits into a claw machine. I ran out of credits just as I was about to get the bear. When I went to get more, the attendant opened the machine and just gave me the bear.

It sits on my desk now!

Ice Cream

Hung out with a friend and we did all the fun things!

We hopped store to store and tried in the most ridiculous things we found. She pulled one floor length coat off the rack, a purple patterned coat with foot long fringe, and started joking about who would wear it. I was obsessed and told her I’d wear it in a heartbeat. Of course I have amazing taste. It was $900 on monster sale and was an Armani piece.

We had pizza for dinner. It was apparently “Girlfriend’s Day” so there was a deal.

Then we went and got ice cream. My cone was the prettiest of all the cones!