This is the best mug. I love it. It’s now in a place of pride at my desk. I don’t actually drink from it, but I am the envy of the office.


My workplace participated in a charity to provide a backpack full of school supplies to kids in need. My department put together a backpack, which means we got to enter a team into a Family Feud-style game.

It looked like the entire office was in the conference room! We battled it out. My team was named Right First Time. While we may have ended up dead last, I think it’s insane that “Children” wasn’t a legitimate answer to “Annoying sounds made by neighbors,” and what possible other answers were there to the question, “Things that people fake” aside from “Orgasm”?


Free tickets to the aquarium through work. I dragged some friends and we did all of the things!

Aside from an IMAX show about pandas, I pet sting rays and a shark, creeped on divers in the big tank, saw some seals, and admired the sea dragons.


The sweetest puppy in all the land. Her name is Beth. She’s currently being fostered. She’s mellow, doesn’t bark, and shows no curiosity. Beth couldn’t even sit in someone’s arms without being picture perfect.

Look at those soulful eyes!


Shopping with a friend and we come across a cheap cat sweater. The conversation was thus:

Me: “You should get this.”

Her: “I already have three cat sweaters. You should get it.”

Me: “Amazing idea. Don’t mind if I do.”

So now I’ve got a cat sweater for the cold summer months I’m the office and even better, I look amazing in it!


This cat, I swear….

She was desperately needed today, likely because I’ve been running downtown every day for the past week. It’s hard to explain to her that cutlets made by a god among men and shopping are more important than hanging out with her.

She’s taken to parking herself on top of my shoes in an act of defiance. Or as a not-so-subtle hint that I shouldn’t leave my shoes laying around.

Harry Potter

Huge fan of the new Harry Potter covers! I was putzing around Prudential Center and saw the new display at Barnes & Nobel.

An all around great day. Unrelated to the series the enveloped by teenage years, I also met a friend for lunch at Wagamama’s. My first visit and it was very satisfying.