I have health insurance! And because it’s hard to visually save that phone call, I’m choosing to represent it by mashing together a couple of generically pretty photos.

Oh man, what a relief. I’ve been so worried. Hearing at I’m all set…. I had the biggest grin on my face for hours. The coworker who sits next to me was a bit grumpy this morning but she admitted my good mood brightened her up.

Happiness is infectious!


Holy craaaaap these are good. Seriously, it’s hard to mess up three-ingredient, no bake cookies.

Chocolate, butterscotch, cereal. YUS.


Last year, I visited Paris. NBD. I didn’t buy much, honestly. The photos I took were what I was most pleased to return with.

I did buy a couple scarves though. I gave most of them out as gifts but kept two silk scarves. This is one of them.

It spiced up my outfit today and I feel pretty good about it. Every time I look at it, I’m remembering what an adventure I got to go on.


I was sitting at my desk and feeling overwhelmingly good about where I work. It’s so much calmer than where I was before. There’s no longer intense pressure weighing on me. Everyone is normal and calm. Also the job is pretty basic.

I’ve lost ten pounds since I started two months ago. I’m only spending eight hours a day at the office and when I leave, instead of being swallowed up by cranky people on clogged trains, I step outside and look at the waterfront.

It’s not always going to be perfect or even the right fit, but it was the right choice for this time in my life.


I have been going nuts trying to get all my CDs on my iPhone.

My laptop has dozens of CDs on it, hundreds of songs. And for some reason the stupid playlists wouldn’t sync.

I don’t know why, I don’t know how, but it worked after googling and struggling for 20 minutes. Now, I’m popping. All those 90s, yeah, that’s where it’s at. Even got all my Nickleback tracks.


Scents are tricky. Most perfume and scented candles give me headaches. Combined with city living, which involves every terrible smell ever, I rarely come across things that smell good to me.

But man, Springtime, that’s fun. It’s not only walking in parks and enjoying the smell of fresh air, it’s also the blinking trees right at the edges of my driveway.

I walked out the door this morning and all I could smell was these stunning flowers. It’s like smelling happiness, if such a thing were possible.


I left the house around 8:30 in the morning and went on a long walk. I think I walked about 3 miles. Half of it was along the river.

The park was new to me. While I’d driven on the main road for years, I’d never taken the path tucked behind the buildings. It was amazing to explore the paths and have the area completely to myself. It was too early even for dog walkers!

Now, I’ve certainly been prettier places. But I felt so good being out and active, I didn’t mind some of the flaws. There’s something special about finding such a public space and being able to enjoy it alone.


How have I lived so much of my life without canvas shoes?

I’ve always hated shoes. Women always joke that the first thing they do when they get home is take off their bra. In reality, shoes are the first to go. But I find myself putting canvas shoes back on like they’re slippers.

It’s so weird to walk places and have feet that don’t hurt. Screw heels and sandals. Canvas shoes are where it’s at.


Traffic, or rather, my lack of involvement in it, is my happy moment for the day.

I was looking out the window at work and commenting to someone about the insane traffic. Some is normal but the level this morning seemed intense. Fortunately, I don’t drive! I take the train. While there is indeed foot traffic when taking the train, it’s a lot less stressful than sitting in a car for 2+ hours.

Very glad for public transit.


Bye bye, chub rub!

It hit 85 degrees today and like hell was I going to put up with chafing. As soon as the temps started rising, I bought myself a pair of lace chub rub protectors.

They are two bands of lace I wrap around my thighs. Silicone anti slip lines keep them in place and keep my thighs from touching while wearing dresses. I consider today’s outfit a success.