I splurged for lunch.

Seriously gobbled this bbq pizza. Always nice to get something different.


I can’t believe I wore a jumpsuit to work. I decided to do one of those, “Act super confident and everyone will perceive you as super confident.”

I think it worked.


There’s more candy! Yaaaaaaay. I am obsessed with it. Times a million better than the coffee flavored stuff.

I had far more than my fair share. Whoever lugged these all the way from the Philippines is my hero.


Very nice, quiet day at home. I know my cat appreciated spending quality time with me, aside from the moments I touched her toes, kissed her head, or tripped over her.

Relaxing is nice.


What an amazing kickstart to my Memorial Day weekend. I worked from home in the morning and then decided to enjoy the good weather by heading downtown for shopping.

I ran into the most insane sales. 40% off total, plus 25% for using my store card, plus another 25% for previously donating to charity. It was $400 dollars worth of clothes, but the mark down was $7 to 25 each.

Walking out of the dressing room, I had a monster pile on one arm and just two items on the other. The attendant looked so confused when I handed her the side with only two items!

I’m exited to look fun and hip this summer.


The office is a bit chilly and I thought, “Hey, it’s gorgeous outside AND warm.” So I went in a walk.

Spoke to my mom on the phone for awhile on my stroll. There were a lot of ducks and they were adorable. No fear, they were waddling right up to people on the benches. If I wasn’t too scare of being bitten, I’d have tried to get a good shot.

All in all, it was the best lunch break I’ve ever taken in my life, just about.


Had a great evening of drinks and chatter. After barracuda, where we received and wore an insane amount of wings (25 cents each), one person insisted on checking if Trillium was open.

It was! He thinks it was a secret opening because it wasn’t suppose to open until tomorrow, but who knows.

Still, the weather was lovely and everyone was happy.


Aww, yus. Veggie samosas at lunch. They came in the cutest little Asian take-out box. It was the most petite carton I’d ever seen of it’s kind.

They were spicy, but in the way that I loved.


My office is doing a group training session for one of our offshore vendors. Kindest thing ever, but one of the offshore workers brought candy to share with everyone!

Treats from Manila! They’re coffee flavored, kind of powdery. It’s a crumbly texture entirely different from anything else I’ve ever tried.


It was such a blah day. I was cold and wet and just all around unenthused. Trudging home, umbrella out and face in my phone, I glanced over and saw these flowers.

I almost gasped. There’s no clear reason why I was so taken with them. I’m unsure why they made such a difference. It was as if they were escaping the rock wall. The day was a struggle, but at least these flowers appreciated the rain.


What convinced me to move into my current home was the sent of lilacs. The five minute walk from the train to the house I live now ran alongside lilac trees. They were in full bloom and the scent is inescapable.

My very early childhood involved a lot of time at my grandparent’s. Massive lilac trees served as a yard divider, and there was often a vase full on the kitchen table every season.

Lilacs mean history to me. I am drawn to the scent.


Oh man. I stopped by the grocery store with no intention of getting strawberries. But wow, what a deal. I lugged home two pounds of strawberries for a third of the normal cost.

They are so good. And hey, they pair perfectly with all the cheese I brought back from Wisconsin! That’s lucky considering how many I’ve been eating every day so that they don’t go to waste.


Tonight I attended a work event about copyright. It was pretty interesting, though it felt like it flew by.

I braved a severe thunderstorm to get there, and when I left, there was a weird orange glow over the Common. Also, very nice that the park was so empty. I almost never get to see it like that.


In order to have a full weekend trip, my return flight had a very late arrival. I basically returned in the morning the landing was so late at night.

While I had an amazing trip and loved spending time with my mom, it felt good to look out that plane window and see Boston. I was so ready to be home!


All the cheese. This place is busy because everyone is all about that cheese. The variety snack packs are my favorite.

Also splurged on some ice cream. Mom and I sat on a picnic bench out front and had our sundaes. It was in the 70s, sunny, and an all around an amazing time.

Fort Snelling

Stopped by to visit my maternal grandparents. Haven’t gone by Fort Snelling, where they’re buried, in almost eight years.

Easier to find them than I expected, considering there’s so many people there. It reminds me of the catacombs in Paris, only the people are just out of sight. It’s hard to think of the physical bodies right beneath my feet, because that’s not how I want to remember them.

There was a man visiting someone. He was all alone. He had a wheelchair, though I saw him stand briefly in front of one of the stones. It was terrible, and sad, and somehow still beautiful. It enforces how intense, and short, life is.