I started a paint by number a few days ago. It’s only my second one this year but I’m cruising. A lot’s been done in very little time.

It’s hard to describe how painting makes me feel. I zone out. It’s a creative outlet that directs me. The outlined nature of a paint by number guarantees I won’t fail, that I’ll like the outcome. There’s no chance this is wasted energy.

It’s a low risk hobby. It’s fun curl up on the couch, drape myself over a canvas, and focus.


There is something stunning about an untouched eye shadow pallet. And I’m not even weird for thinking so. A lot of people find intense pleasure in this. Part of it is probably the possibilities: I’m gunna wear these colors and look good doing so! Part of it may be the symmetry of it, the freshness. It’s easy to dislike snow, but when it’s just fallen, smooth and shimmery, it’s always beautiful. Like a new color pallet.

I picked this up because it’s different from my usual lineup of browns and nudes. I want something that’s saying “Spring!” with the option to also say “sultry.”

Johnny Jump Up

I love pansies. One of my favorite flowers. I’m not sure if it’s a midwestern thing or just my family, but we called them Johnny Jump Ups. They were everywhere at my grandma’s house, which is where I spent a large chunk of my childhood.

Purple was my favorite color when I was little. My mother’s too. I’m not sure why I have so little in my life right now that’s purple, but these flowers always, always catch my attention.


I walked out of work fully intending to just … go home. Sit on the couch. Read. Maybe paint.

Ten steps out the office’s front door and the weather hit me. We’re just easing into warmer weather and sunshine days. I wasn’t ready for couch potato time.

I used groceries as an excuse to walk across the bridge to the store. The path took me next to the river. The lack of people was nice. All the goose shit less nice. It was still an enjoyable walk. And the geese were kinda cute, cuddled up, feathers ruffling in the wind.


I’m still bouncing around, trying to find the forever food. The food that I can make frequently and really want to eat. I’m not sure this is it, but is sure is easy to make! And pretty.

I’m all for fun, quick things. It’s a great sense of fun and accomplishment.


“Mom, why are you taking so my photos of me?”

Oh man, I took a lot. She was so cute! Either she was desperately trying to kiss my fingers or she was staring me down. Her little mustache gives her such an edge.


Went to the grocery store and was shocked when I realized what I’d left with: chicken, steak, peppers, onions, spices. That was it! I feel like the kind of adult I’d always wanted to be.

I went home and made a stir fry. Mixing everything on the stove, I was so taken with the colors of the veggies in the pan. My dinner was going to be pretty!


It was the first day where it was warm enough to feel like spring. I celebrated with a very spring print. The floral made me feel bright and sunny.

I got an insane amount of compliments today. Everyone loved the skirt.


I went to the Big Apple Circus with friends! We ate $20 in dipping dots and they were worth it.

The circus was so much fun. It was smaller than I’m used to, but in a nice, intimate way. The nets were directly over our heads. There were ponies and roller skates, feats of balance, and lighthearted comedy.


She is such a psycho!

I locked her in the other room this morning and she cried for a bit before going quiet. I looked over maybe an hour later and saw her eyes glaring at me from under the door across the room.

Just now, I locked myself in my room and at home point looked down and realized she was once again watching me through the gap at the bottom of the door. Laying down on the floor, I started taking pictures of her spying on me.

A split second after I took this picture, her paw darted out and smacked me!