My favorite friend couple in Detroit flew in for a visit! We had brunch at Tatte Bakery before wandering around Harvard Square.

This store was a tiny shop filled mostly with things from local artists and hipster junk.

I found these tiny hands and put them in my fingers for the silliest looking wave of all time. One friend found the feet and did a little dance. Absolutely ridiculous!


The last two months have been labored over this. The feeing of accomplishment when I did the last section was freeing. This was my first go at paint by diamond and it turned out perfectly.

It’s amazing to not only have a creative outlet, but have it turn out well.


I had a blast chilling the the Boston Common and the Public Gardens. First Pokémon Go community day I’ve been able to attend and I was blown away by how many people showed up.

It was cold and busy and fun, and I went home feeling really good about the day.

Also, I caught all the shinies and evolved a special Venusaur!


This song is everything. I watched A Wrinkle in Time over the weekend and as I sat in the office it hit me: “That soundtrack was amazing.” So I went back and found the songs that stood out to me.

I am in love with this song and it’s message. I feel like a warrior! I listened to the movie’s soundtrack on repeat for eight hours.


My mother sent me this card a few weeks ago, but I finally pined it up at work. A display of love from a variety of people. A lot of pink as well!

The message feels so real. It expresses not just how my mom sees me, but also how I see myself. It’s a card I’ll be happy to look at everyday.


There hasn’t been a ton of snow this winter–which I hardly mind. But last night’s snow storm left the region with a heavy, wet layer. I was surprised mind-morning to look out the window and realize it was still sticking to the trees. It is so different from the bare branches I’ve become familiar with all winter.