For my birthday party, I spent about eight hours baking. I am no baker. But I am so proud of everything I made! It all came out perfectly.

I got the most compliments on the tarts. At my birthday party, I wasn’t just the birthday girl; I was the baker of the tarts. This was a first try at tarts for me and oh, did they taste good.


I stopped by the Museum of Fine Arts specifically because I know there was a selection of MC Escher prints on view. I’ve been a fan since I was a teen. I was gifted a box of sweatshirts and Ts with his prints on them, so this was a nostalgic moment for me.


I completed my first paint by number! It’s a creative outlet I’m really loving. I’ve always loved to paint; I’m just not very good at it. Here is a way for me to create something lovely.

It took me about three weeks. My mom is also hooked, so it feels like we’re painting together.