I’ve been making a huge push to be careful with spending. That feeling, after I buy something, that guilt–I want to avoid that. Frequently, I splurge and don’t love what I splurged on as much the next day.

This is an Anthropologie dress. I picked it up for $20 yesterday. Wearing it, I feel classy. It’s an elevated look. I keep thinking, I’m going to get this new job I’ve interviewed for, and I’ll wear this my first day. I feel hopeful and sophisticated.


I’ve been obsessing about what to wear to my birthday party. I’ve been eyeing this dress for ages online. It’s been in the sale section though, which means fewer size options.

After watching it online, it finally was available in my size! I feel so “soft” while wearing it. The dress makes me feel like a fairy, someone who floats through an enchanted forest. I don’t even like pastels usually, but this dress inspires me.


Today was a work-from-home day because of a snow storm. It was cold in the house and Pepper insisted on being on my lap while I worked. There wasn’t a lot of room and I was very busy, but we made it work.

If I had to be working, it was fun to have such cute company. Plus I wore my cat suit, so we were practically twins.

Washington DC

This was an overwhelming trip. I felt more deeply about the monuments than I imagined I would. I was beyond grateful for the opportunity to visit them.

I also was very lucky on the day I visited. It was frigid but with clear skies. Almost no one else was out, so I was able to explore without feeing crowded.