My cat is so pretty. She cuddles and clings. When it’s cold out, I can’t sit down without her joining me on my lap.

I don’t know what is was about her today, but her eyes almost glow.


Relaxing on the couch, a stack of books next to me and nowhere to be. Pepper sits on the back of the couch and keeps me company.

There’s a lot of sunshine. It feels like forever since I was surrounded by sunshine when I’m normally heading to work in the dark and traveling home in the dark.


What luck to catch her yawning! I can’t stand this stupid dog, but she sure is cute. Her ears don’t normally stand straight up, but when I realized they were staying that way I had to sneak a photo.


The Mall of America made my day! A friend and I prowled every teeny bopper store we’d never been in before in search of the shiniest, most standout birthday outfit we could find.

Wow, was I impressed. Glitter and sequins are IN. I’m loving the intense patterns and colors. The parade of fanciful outfits left me covered in sparkles even when I was back in my normal clothes.

The theme of the experience was clearly this mermaid texture, which I saw reflected in most of the stores in multiple silhouettes.


I was putzing around Fanuiel Hall spending money I probably shouldn’t. This tree went up some time back but I’d only seen it partially strung with lights.

The full effect was spectacular. All that effort makes me feel happier, like joy is literally something that can be tasted in the air. It’s a tangible excitement, a sense of wonder thus missing the rest of the year when I’m not surrounded by sparkle and lights.