I spent about 10 hours today removing every book for my bookshelves, dusting, and then rearranging for space saving. Did a great job, I think. Not only did I empty 3 shelves, I was able to pull my Archie comics from the basement and add them to the shelves!


About eight in the morning, I looked out my office window and noticed the sun rising directly behind the flag perched on top of the building across the street. Maybe the flag had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed, but in that moment it glowed. 


This shirt isn’t just cool because it’s Spock. It was also on clearance for $5!

I remember seeing it for sale. It was only about $11, but I’ve had so many money problems lately that even that felt like too much. Walking by and seen it on clearance and in my size was great. 


With the ice storm over night, everything is very pretty. I’m not sure why 6 am looks so blue, but it sure was interesting. 

By noon, even with a completely overcast sky, the light outside was so bright I could hardly keep my eyes open. 


Yaaaaaaaas! I was all geared up to do some major shoveling. We’re getting low on oil and the tank is accessed all the way around on the side of the house. If I called to fill it with oil so the house stays heated, the devliery driver better be able to access the tank. 

Winter loaded us with 14 inches of snow 2 days ago, and another 3 inches this morning, so there was a lot to get to. But I turned the corner and found it already shoveled out! Thank you landlord. Surprising thoughtful of you. And it makes the 15 inches of snow dropping tonight less annoying. 


It’s the day after a giant snow storm and not only are skies clear, but I get a new office view to look at that sky!

I’ll have to be very careful not to waste time staring out the windows. 

Happy Friday!