I made cookies today.

Baking is hard and I’m kind of useless at it, but my roommate helped me. I had trouble with the mixing process, but then I usually do. After I added the butter and an egg, nothing was sticking together. My roommate recommended adding more butter, which I did. That worked.

They came out of the oven after 12 minutes. I tested with a toothpick but they were not raw or burned.

My cookies are oatmeal raisin and they taste wonderful.


I rearranged the furniture in the living room. I don’t know if it looks better, but it was a lot of fun to move everything around.

One of my bookcases had to be moved. This is the bookcase that holds all of my favorite authors. It had gotten overfull, but when I began to put all of my books back on the shelves, I also reorganized how I stacked them. I ended up with an entire shelf free for more books.

With the holiday lights behind the couch, my living room reminds me of a soft, just-out-of-reach fairy tale.